NutriMost™ “Because…” Campaign 2016

The NutriMost™ “Because…” Campaign 2016: The Reason People Get Started

There’s been a lot of change in a short amount of time for our client, NutriMost™, as we continue to help build their brand and increase sales. The logo has been updated to new shades of purple and green to better display in all types of communications (print, broadcast and digital). We’ve expanded the brand to include “wellness & weight loss” to better communicate the types of people they help with their programs and services. And most importantly, we’ve increased the channels used to communicate with the people we’re trying to reach (because there’s so much more than just radio and print).

From every Market Ready Index™ Report we’ve developed we’ve learned more and more about what has worked in the past, and what was not working at all. Each franchise was reviewed and evaluated, providing a range of scores for them across each channel to better understand their unique situation. After consulting with each, we were able to develop a strategy for improving each channel, establishing benchmarks for franchises moving forward with the brand growth.

A communications plan was developed to a strategy for the tactical use of media in their marketplace, and to identify the messages that would be used to attract the target demographics.

ThisYearisgoingtobedifferentThe campaign titled “What’s Your Because?” looks to identify the reason people had chosen to get started with NutriMost – to finally make the conscious decision to make a change in their life. Because… they were worried about their wellness. Because… they wanted to do something about their weight. Because there was a health issue they were trying to improve.

The hashtag #WhatsYourBecause is used in social media conversations to organize them into one large conversation within a social network.

Testimonial statements like, “Because… when you’re heavy you feel like you’re all alone” resonates with so many people who have dealt with weight issues. “Because… I was my son’s one and only parent” reminds others that people depend on them being healthy so they are able to take care of them. “Because… It got to the point that I didn’t want to live anymore” shares the despair those trapped by illness and medications have all experienced.

Displayed as cover photos on Facebook and Twitter, franchises can follow the lead from corporate as we build a presence on social media networks. Shared as social media content these pictures include links to franchise websites to learn more.

Digital advertising is also supporting the integrated campaign as visitors to franchise websites are targeted over a period of time to help reinforce our messaging.Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 12.57.04 PM

As blog posts, the testimonial videos provide the transcripts for good content marketing and email campaigns. They are also performing well as social media advertising to build page likes and followers.

Traditional communications, like print and radio, are also performing well in some markets, poorly in others. Television is providing to be one of the better performing channels as our clients are prepared with scripts and graphics for media interviews.

Every franchise is contributing to build the same NutriMost™ brand, but must do so in a way that fits its unique business, budget, goals and marketplace. Being prepared to do so, like in any business, will be the key to its success. #WhatsYourBecause


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