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Don’t Push Messages, Build Relationships

Trends in content marketing have lead to the development of all types content, both by format and by subject matter. Depending on the goal of your content marketing you could develop one type of content, but depending on your customer you may very well develop another.

“Surprisingly,” says, Firebrand Founder Jeremy Goldman, “most organizations don’t have a plan. We know we have to build content that is relevant, and we have to know how much manpower is being spent on filling the funnel.”

IBM Program Director of Strategy and Solutions Michelle Killebrew recommends, “Keep you eye on the headlines – understand what your audience is engaging with, and what your competition is talking about. Understand not only personas, but where someone has an affinity for your product. Perfecting those content mines for those audience roles is a process.”

Jeremy agrees. “It’s an iterative process, and that’s okay. Learning from the results can help make better content. For CMO’s, we hypothesize about what content CMO’s want – like SnapChat and geotags – then we learn and make it better once we get the data.”

Michelle added, “Understand the buyer stage of the customer journey to better interact. As customers become more familiar, and assume deeper level content – when they are ready to get into feature / function info – you can understand they are now ready to share user info, or complete lead gen, or sign-up for demos.”

“If you want to get a head of your competition, don’t put out crap,” cautions Jeremy. “Quality over quantity. You can’t always be reactive to the content – you have to develop content that people engage with.”

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