20YEARS Communications

The biggest challenge with Internet?

So much of our industry has become commoditized, from music production to video production to Internet marketing to development for the Internet itself. There’s almost nothing we do these days you can’t get out of a box – with the exception of the insights, dedication, talents and experience of a few very special people. From 20YEARS […]

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The biggest challenge in Multimedia?

It’s so easy, a caveman can do it. Technology makes everyone a writer, producer, director, DP, grip, gaffer and on/off camera talent. Making it relevant, making it good, and putting good, qualified people behind the initiative is something that you cant get at The Apple Store. See for yourself with our learned guests. From 20YEARS Communications: […]

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The biggest Challenge in Public Relations?

What, exactly, is public relations, anyway? And what isn’t it? Lines these days are becoming so blurred and the culture has reduced so much of the perception of PR down to its spin cycle that we think you’ll find it refreshing to hear from real PR professionals about the challenges they face as they try […]

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