Best Practices For Social Media Brand Protection

How to Maximize ROI And Protect Your Name On Social

Social media has become second nature for the modern brand, but many companies are discovering the dark side of social. Fake accounts, spam, hacks, and compliance violations can damage a brand, undermine investments in social, and threaten a company’s credibility.

According to Nexgate General Manager Devin Redmond, this issue is bigger than you may think. “The problems are not only with the accounts, but with the content. A company must learn to protect its inbound communications, as well as its outbound communications from account sprawl, inappropriate posts and compliance.”

HP’s WW Digital Capabilities Program Manager Pete Metrulas explained, “What we see as our programs evolved is twofold: our physical presence – the access, control, moderation – and the social graph as a whole – impersonation, by risk, by content. At one level it’s a nuisance, on another its content not relevant that shows a lack of control. If your audience can’t get to meaningful content you have a big problem.”

Scott Rosenberg, Senior Business Operations Manager at Intel, says, “Leveraging social, as much as possible, includes managing the responsibility and expectations from our center of excellence. Invite everyone to be part of the process. The result for us is that we can invest time in more real time engagement, better content, instead of compliance.”

Head of Social Media for Bank of the West, Joel Nathanson, continues. “All these things are important to protecting our customers – and educate them – to keep them out of hot water. We need partners to succeed – every department can contribute. We need to bring others in to learn what we’re trying to accomplish so they can apply their capabilities to what we’re trying to accomplish.”

Redmond concluded, “What if this was on your site and your customers could not get to your information – what would you do to protect the information? What happens when this is on your social? It’s the same thing. You have the rules and the right – act!”

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