Be More Precise with Data-Driven Marketing

Target And Tailor Your Messages With Data-Driven Insight

Like all marketers, you use demographics, psychographics – even location – to shape and segment your marketing. We all want to learn more about our customer, but have you ever stopped to consider which aspects of your customer journey are explained by customer data?

In a conversation exploring data driven insights, San Francisco AMA PresidentGurcharan Wadhwa started by acknowledging, “There are all types of data, and all types of data segmentation. The question becomes, what does your company do with all that data?”

Paul Walsh, Vice-President of Weather Analytics at The Weather Company thinks about data (in the forms of the weather) and how it affects his customers, wherever they may be. “The impact of data on people is most felt locally. Different data generates different reactions based on how it affects them. We want to serve up a message that transcends advertising, so it’s no longer an ad, and that’s helpful advice (information).”

What if you’re Home Depot?’ asks Patrick Henshaw, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer for Strap. “If you know where your customer lives, and it’s not going to rain you can speak to them about how this could effect their garden. We know it’s going to be nice, we know the customer is active (from their FitBit data) so we can suggest they work in their garden – we can be right on target.”

Jesse Nichols from Google Analytics suggests further understanding. “Over a life cycle of a customer, the most interesting thing is segmentation: from interest to purchase to active and engaged. What can I take away from where I know they are, and how can I get them to the next step on their customer journey? For instance, remarketing is a smart use of data. We know you were interested enough to look at the site – what else do you need to keep going?”

But there is a tipping point, one way or the other. We have to be careful with the data we can see and access. We have to ask, are we really creating value in what we’re offering? Then, when we have considered everything, we have to move forward.

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