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Automation Is No Substitute For Strategy

Advances in digital technology, auction-based media, analytics, and big data have leveled the playing field for challenger brands and the marketing middle class. But marketing automation will only get you so far.

Companies need an airtight plan to best leverage marketing automation to create points of genuine engagement and meet real customer needs. If David wants to compete with Goliath in today’s marketplace, small business needs to be tactical with resources, and must send out a message that’s just as loud as—and even more relevant than—your competitor’s.

Digital marketing veteran and author Kevin Ryan and CMO Chris Moloneyshared their thoughts of how David can beat Goliath in today’s digital customer experience.

They both believe it’s all coming together under an umbrella called “marketing automation.” How you look at the customer journey – from prospecting, to purchase to support – and the complete life stage of a customer are at the roots of automation and customer relationship management. Those that take full advantage of the newest technologies with a holistic approach to marketing channels will gain a distinct advantage.

Mark Ryan explains, “Marketing automation is enabling technology that allows us to remove people so we can communicate with people better. The money business saves in automation can be reinvested in serving customers better, through support and services.”

“Challenger brands have a chance to level the playing field – just look for areas to do it better,” explains Chris Moloney. But be careful. We have marketing automation robots to identify marketing automation robots – so what could go wrong? Plenty. “Overly engineered marketing will fail.”

Chris suggests to “map the customer journey, not the technology.” We need to know if we’re talking to a customer, and does it make sense? We need to know where is the customer today, and where do they need to go?

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