Leaders from 30 of the largest brands gathered in San Francisco to speak candidly about Marketing at The Incite Summit West.

This is what they had to say.


Inside This Book You Will Learn Lessons From Experts in Marketing

The Most Urgent Challenges As a Marketer: How To Drive Authenticity, Relevance, and Transparency

Authentic Digital Engagement: Automation Is No Substitute for Strategy

Be More Precise: Target and Tailor Your Messages with Data-Driven Insight

Connect Through Your Content: Don’t Push Messages, Build Relationships

Storytelling for Success: Give Employees and Customers a Voice for a Fresh Approach to Marketing

Best Practices for Social Media Brand Protection: Maximize ROI and Protect Your Name on Social Media

Brandocracy: Build a Strong Brand – Now That Your Customers Have the Power to Define It

The Marketer As Bridge-Builder: Deliver a Premium Customer Experience by Collaborating Across Departments

Make Data Your Crystal Ball: Predictive Modeling to Better Understand the Customer

26 Big Ideas That Can Save Your Business


  • Think about your brand, your brand promise and what it will take to deliver on these promises you’ve made to your customers.

    Donna Peoples, Chief Customer Experience Officer, AIG

  • Keep your eye on the headlines – understand what your audience is engaging with, and what your competition is talking about.

    Michelle Killebrew, Program Director of Strategy and Solutions , IBM

  • It’s much more interesting to talk about what people are doing with our technology than to talk about our technology.

    Laura Thomas, Chief Blogger, Dell

  • Make people important, elevate who they are, and make them important to their circles – there are more opportunities with them.

    John Koller, Vice-President, Platforms Marketing, Sony Playstation

  • Our program is twofold: our physical presence – the access, control, moderation – and the social graph – impersonation, by risk, by content.

    Pete Metrulas, Digital Capabilities Program Manager, HP

  • Social includes managing responsibility and expectations. The result is real time engagement, better content, instead of compliance.

    Scott Rosenberg, Senior Business Operations Manager, Intel

  • We’ve learned from the messages that come in it’s about the sweat and tears that goes into their sport every single day. Not the pros, but the Joe’s.

    Morgan Flatley, CMO, Gatorade

  • Our restaurants provide anecdotal evidence and learning every day. They help us hear, watch and observe what’s happening and what’s working.

    Kirk Thompson, Head of Marketing, iHop


From The Author

A View From The Top: The Evolution of Marketing and the Customer Journey - A book written by Kevin Popović“These people are not sitting in the ivory tower – they are leading their troops into battle for market share, and they’re winning.

Each story has real people doing real things. No widgets, no fake companies, no mythical cities. This is straight from the people who are living the trends we’ve heard about, and their stories can help prepare us for what comes next for our brands.

The view I had from the top of this summit was outstanding, and I’m encouraging you to join me in seeing what I see from my perspective. Download the ebook, read their stories, learn what comes next in the evolution of marketing and the customer journey.”

About Kevin Popović

Kevin Popović is the Founder of Ideahaus, an award-winning creative communications agency with studios in Pittsburgh and San Diego named “Best Boutique Agency.”

He is the author of “20YEARS Communications: 20 Leaders, 20 Questions, 100’s of Lessons,” (Transmedia) and “Satellite Marketing: Using Social Media to Create Engagement” (Productivity Press).

Popović teaches Creativity & Innovation at Kevin Popovic San Diego State University and has been named one of the “Top 15 Most Influential Educators in Digital Marketing.”


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