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Ideahaus Creative Development


One resource to create branding, marketing, advertising, design, Internet, social media, multimedia, public relations, events and sales – and it all works together.

We call what we do “purposeful creative.” It’s an approach that delivers the message in a way that causes the audience to take notice — and react. We give our creative professionals a strong strategic foundation to allow for the experimentation and innovation required stand above everything else in the market. Based in academics, technology, business and the arts, our process focuses on choosing the right tactic for the right media segment — be it print, broadcast, online, out-of-home or in-store.


Your name, your style, and how you present yourself in the marketplace matters. Using the latest research and methods, our creative team will position your brand to cut through the clutter and resonate with your audience. 


You provide something valuable to your audience. We make sure it gets in their hands. Utilizing a variety of proven channels and methods, we’ll efficiently deliver your content to your target market. 


Your content needs to cut through and leave an immediate impression. Our creative team delivers the message—the images, the words, and the sensation—to accomplish this goal. 



Your message is tailored and precise. We make sure it looks as good as it sounds. From magazines to ads to websites to social, our design team takes your brand and best presents it to your audience across every medium. 


The Internet age isn’t coming—it’s here. Every company has a website, and every consumer knows how to access it. By studying the latest trends in web content and design, we make yours worth visiting again and again. 

Social Media

Social media is here to stay. As experts across every major social platform, our team takes your brand and your messaging online, delivering it to your audience where they want it, when they want it. 



Whether you need video, photos, or audio, we can capture it and turn it into a valuable resource for you. Combining our expertise here our marketing, advertising, and online efforts makes your content unforgettable. 

Public Relations

Our creative team has decades of experience writing press releases, connecting with local media, and coordinating media efforts. With Ideahaus, you get a personal PR firm dedicated to getting you the exposure you deserve.  


Planning an event, conference, or learning session? We can cover it on-site, capture every highlight, and bring the content to your audience. Just because the event ended doesn’t mean it has to stop serving your business. 




Supporting Sales Driven Organizations

We support sales teams by helping plan dozens of projects and directing hundreds of purposeful messages. Each project is scheduled it’s assigned tasks and responsibilities. At the same time, we identify meaningful and realistic metrics so that we can answer the critical question, “How are we doing?” as each campaign progresses. Each effort, internal or external, is examined for opportunity and integrated, when appropriate, with other channels to generate the greatest reach, the biggest impact and the maximum return on investment.


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