Off-site, on-site, online: Ideahaus provides account management services tailored to our clients’ unique needs.




We’re in a service business, and our job is to make managing communications and executing projects easier, so serving the needs of our clients is good business.

Off-site, on-site, online: Ideahaus provides account management services tailored to our clients’ unique needs and requirements. We strive to understand the people we work with, their company culture, and how we can best manage their client account. By serving a limited clientele, we do more work for less clients, becoming integrated in the day-to-day of the companies we serve.

Account Managers are a single point of contact provided as a dedicated “go-to” person for everything clients need. Attentive to your business and responsive to your requests, your account manager will facilitate communications, reports, and schedules to keep everyone on top of what’s going on and what we’ll need to do moving forward. 


Who does what for your team? We’ll get to know your staff, then we’ll learn about what they do well and what they don’t, making sure they’re always comfortable and equipped for success. During planning, we’ll also discuss upcoming events or promotions, budget, and your team’s culture, ensuring a smooth and positive relationship from all sides. 


How did we do? Did everyone complete their assignments on time? Did we stay on budget? We answer these questions by using advanced analytics and a variety of measurement tools. The results of our planning will show in this step. The hard data never lies, and it allows us to make adjustments before any serious problems arise.


Reporting combines planning and measurement, using the data garnered during the measurement phase to develop insights and suggestions moving forward. When something performs well (or poorly), we want you to know why, and we want to show you how we can replicate—or avoid—a similar result in the future.

Month-by-month, we help clients plan dozens of projects and direct hundreds of purposeful messages.
Day-by-day, we help keep everyone on task, on schedule and on budget with an active project management system. Coupled with creative development and account management, Ideahaus provides the communications services our clients need to stay on track and meet their goals.


  • “Ideahaus really helped us get a communications strategy established and took the reigns in implementation. Their knowledge is compelling.”

    David Inns, CEO, GreatCall

  • “These insights into business dynamics are focused through the lens of communications. My business has taken a quantum leap with Ideahaus.”

    Greg Godek, Bestselling Author

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