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We’re Ideahaus®, an award-winning brand communications agency voted Best Boutique Agency by our colleagues

Since 1990, Ideahaus has been an award-winning brand communications and marketing agency based in San Diego, CA and Pittsburgh, PA. We provide an integrated, strategic solution that also drives leads and engagement. Meanwhile, our experts assist with web design, social media, public relations, and events – creative marketing. Having worked on projects for hundreds of clients, we’ve also been able to earn recognition along the way. As a result, our years of experience has helped our clients get through the fog and execute their plan.


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We collaborate with our clients to develop a completely integrated marketing communications program.

Ideahaus works with business leaders in SMB’s and Enterprise organizations to help them communicate with their target markets. Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer and Non-Profit Organizations use our proprietary processes and proven methodologies to create engagement.


Communications Planning

Every business sets goals, but achieving them doesn’t happen by chance. It takes a well thought-out plan. As experienced creative and marketing strategists in all channels of communications, we can develop a communications plan that moves the needle. Click to learn more.

Creative Development

Every plan requires tools to reach your target markets. Our creative processes, based on academics and best practices, provide a stable foundation for innovation. Our team of creative professionals provides the inspiration that connects people to people. Click to learn more.

Account Management

Communications must be managed. Every channel is measured, every message monitored. We make communicating with your audience easier, better. From “handle it” to “help!” we manage getting it done and report on the results. Click to learn more.

We wrote the book on Marketing Communications.

In 20Years Communications20 leaders in the communications industry answer 20 questions about the evolution of marketing communications as a whole. As each leader provides insight to where communications was and is going. Each hails from a various channel of communications, consequently giving established view points. Published by Transmedia, this thought-provoking book is designed to generate discussions, in a addition to giving a critical analysis.

20Years Communications is ideal for the classroom, great for team building, and also great for professional communicators to expand their perspective. With the emergence of new technologies, innovation, as a result, must also emerge in marketing communications.



Watch the Author Introduction VideoWritten by Ideahaus' Kevin Popovic
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We started in the South Side of Pittsburgh.

We evolve with Communications.

In our second book, Satellite Marketing: Using Social Media to Create Engagement, we provide a complete understanding of social media, simply explained by an accomplished practitioner. Ideahaus Founder Kevin Popovic teaches a proven process to create an actionable strategic plan, based on measurable goals. Published by CRC Press, this book provide case stories, business reference, and academic citations to support the proven methodology.


The most complete book on Social Media. Period.


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We worked our way to the beaches of San Diego.


  • “We needed a new marketing initiative in record time, we called on Ideahaus. With their creativity, organizational skills, and “get it done” mentality, we launched a highly successful program.”

    Brian Kagen, CMO, Medifast

  • “Ideahaus quickly grasped the essence of our company and culture. As we progressed thru their process it became clear that they were concerned about our issues.”

    Harvey Pollock, President & CEO, The PT Services Group

  • “Ideahaus reshaped our brand into a cohesive and concise achievable strategy. Our culture improved tremendously and allowed everyone on our team to become disciples of the plan.”

    Paul Mackay, CEO, Aussom Aussie Australian BBQ

  • “Ideahaus was very creative in developing our new image, website, and marketing program. Very creative, great imagery, and focused on meeting customer needs.”

    Brad Chang, President, LegisWeb

  • “Ideahaus created valuable resources for my target audience. The program was on time, on budget and exceeded my expectations from concept through delivery. “

    Chauncey Smith, Brand Manager, GlaxoSmithKline

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